EnviroVac Waste Transport Systems, Inc. was founded in 1996 by its owner and Chief Executive Officer, Brian Dyche.  Over the past seventeen years, EnviroVac has expanded operations throughout the Midwest serving over thirty states.  EnviroVac provides waste disposal and environmental services to numerous industrial facilities that manufacture consumer products used on a daily basis by individuals and several types of businesses.  Petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, primary metal, food products, automotive, aerospace, cosmetics, fragrances, coatings and paint materials are just a few of the markets served by EnviroVac.

Due to our high level of expertise in the transportation, handling, and disposal of regulated/hazardous waste, EnviroVac is offering yet another value added service to generators of Potentially Infectious Medical Waste.  EnviroVac Bio-Med Solutions provides a full complement of medical waste disposal services for sharps, chemotherapeutic, anatomical, hazardous/non-hazardous pharmaceutical, and other healthcare wastes.  EnviroVac can provide the proper identification and disposal of out-of-date pharmaceuticals as well as reverse distribution of medications.  Hospitals, clinics, veterinary, funeral homes, dental offices, urgent care facilities, governmental, law enforcement, dialysis centers, pharmacies, and numerous other healthcare facilities can benefit by contacting EnviroVac today.  If you are a self-injector or a small quantity generator of sharps or other medical waste, you can begin saving money today by checking out our SharpsGone.com mail-back program.  Just follow the link.  It is as easy as One, Two, Three.